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Lessons and Courses
Lessons –

Lessons and clinics are a great way to accelerate your learning, will also develop your relationship with your horse and have FUN at the same time! 
For your lesson you will need the basic equipment of a head collar, 12’ and/or 22’ line, stick and string.  I am happy to loan my equipment to you for your first lesson.
Pricing –
Duration                                           1 1/2 hr         2 hr         3hr               

1 person for a private session              £60-             £80-         £120-            

Travel – 
First 30 miles (of round trip) from ME9 7UU are included in the lesson fee.  Additional mileage is charged at the standard rate of 40 pence per mile and shared between students at each venue.

Group lessons -

These are for 3 hours and are £70- per person for the 3 hours  (£23- per hour, per person).  

There are currently 3 venues, Appledore, Sissinghurst and Harrietsham where workshops are held through the summer.  If you are interested in one of these please let me know.


We will cover ground work, ridden or liberty in these sessions, depending on the group.

Contact Sara to book at

If you would like to  host workshops please get in touch

2020 Events –

Appledore & District Riding Association presents - 


Immerse yourself with knowledge!  Give yourself time to focus on you and your horse in the beautiful hub of Appledore & District RA.  We will go through your expectations and specific goals you may have.
This is an ideal opportunity for exposing young or nervous horses to new experiences in a relaxed environment, or for building confidence in horse and human in different situations and open spaces.  All levels can be catered for.

Clinics will be for the whole day, running from 10am – 5pm (Approx).  We will cover ground work, liberty & ridden, depending on the group.   
Please bring lunch for yourself & whatever you may need for your horse.  Tea, coffee and cold drinks will be provided.

Aim is to cover groundwork & ridden.

Saturday 02 May
Saturday 06 June
Saturday 04 July
Saturday 01 August 
Saturday 19 Sept

Cost: SEH Members £90-,  non-members £110  (find out about becoming a member).
Contact Sara to book at

Groundwork & Liberty Course at Crest Farm, 13 - 15 MAY2020

Enjoy exploring the wonderful art and sport of liberty work.  

Aim: Learn how to have a fantastic connection with your horse and the communication and language that leads to liberty work. Liberty is not only fun and a wonderful way to develop your relationship, but leads to improved trust and communication in the saddle too.

Focus: Sessions will cover theory, ground skills and liberty work.  Students will have the benefit of small groups.  

Suitable for all levels of horses and perfect for building your relationship.
Instructors: Sara de Vries and Terri Martinus

Cost: SEH Members £360 –  for 3 days of tuition and includes outdoor grass horse pens. 
Non-members £380.  (find out about becoming a member)

Contact Sara to book a place


Focus:- Educational course
Instructor to student ratio: 1:3 (6 -7 places overall)
Hours tuition per day: 6-8 includes theory, simulations, horse time.
Aim:– to build confidence in you and your horse in more challenging situations and
continue to expand your general horsemanship knowledge with an emphasis on practical

Terri and Sara will guide you through a variety of horsemanship topics, preparations with obstacles and more challenging terrains.
Horsemanship sessions each morning and afternoon with a variety of topics to ensure a solid foundation in your horses’ development and ensuring excellent horsemanship skills for you.

Cost: For 4 full days of tuition including horse pens.
SEH Members £420 
non-members £450
 (find out about becoming a member)

Contact Sara to book at

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